3D Floor Stickers are advertising billboards on the floor, at the ideal place and time. The floor graphics are strategically installed at supermarket aisles, right near the product on the shelf, ensuring brand recall at the time when the consumer is making the decision to purchase. Our high impact 3D floor stickers and 3D floor graphic designs have recorded sales increases for brands ranging from 15% and even in excess of 150% in some impulse product categories.

Over 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store. Our 3D floor graphic designs deliver the last word in an integrated ad campaign, and give you the assurance that, when shoppers make their buying decisions, your ad campaign is not a distant memory — it is the biggest thing on their minds!

Studies show that unaided recall of floor graphics is 550% greater than any other in store promotion and when you add our 3D floor graphic design to it, they are noticed 8 times more than a conventional 2D floor sticker.

With over 1500 floor graphic designs under our belt over the last 12 years, we have the experience and the skills to create a visually high impact floor graphic that forces top of mind recall for your brand and product on the shelf, right where it matters the most.